About Tiny Mammoth

Tiny Mammoth is the product of genetic engineering gone wrong.

The intention was to engineer a human music promoter capable of paying the bands, promoting the events and providing rider.

Attempt after attempt failed.

The humans would run off with the cash, not giving the bands anything, spending the money on their OnlyFans girlfriends.

They would fail to do any promotion for the events, instead opting to get stoned out of their mind watching Jeremy Kyle reruns slouched on their inflatable couch.

They would buy crates of rider but keep it for themselves and guzzle every single drop until acute liver failure killed them.

Then one day some mammoth DNA accidentally leaked into the machine...

Out came a Tiny Mammoth (Mammuthus milli).

He was a foul abomination by mammoth standards but he was good at the job.

So we left him to the events business and he paid, promoted and provided just as intended, burning the midnight oil like an arsonist with a flamethrower.

Tiny Mammoth's aim is to fill up venues and ignite new connections around great music.

booking fees

Some products are free from lactose. Others are free from gluten. Tiny Mammoth's tickets are free from booking fees.

Tiny Mammoth was always put off buying tickets online by the additional booking fee being placed on top of the order. Having his own ticketing system became essential. It took several sleepless nights and dangerous quantities of Monster Energy, attacking the keyboard non-stop, to complete the project. Now he is proud to release it to the public: saving customers' hard-earned money on unnecessary booking fees, which may then wisely be invested in a cold pint of beer at one of his events. Buy yourself a ticket, enjoy some quality music and have a beer on the Mammoth.

Cheers 🍺.